World’s Fair, New York by Garry Winogrand (1964)

The photograph titled “World’s Fair, New York,” taken by Garry Winogrand in 1964, captures a candid moment of diverse individuals on a bench at the World’s Fair. The image portrays a slice of life from the event, showcasing a variety of expressions and activities among the people seated.

In the image, we see a row of individuals sitting on a bench with varying degrees of engagement with each other and their surroundings. On the far left, a man appears relaxed and is in conversation with a woman next to him, who is smiling and holding what looks like a program or a small pamphlet. Next to her, there is a couple engaged in an intimate embrace, seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. Beside them, a young girl wearing a dark dress is focused on adjusting her shoe, with a thoughtful expression on her face, while another girl, also in a printed dress, sits close with her legs crossed, looking off into the distance and touching her hair. Finally, on the far right, an older gentleman is absorbed in reading what appears to be a newspaper, detached from the interactions taking place next to him.

The photograph reflects a casual and spontaneous scene of human interaction and individual absorption, characteristic of Winogrand’s candid street photography style. The framing and composition encompass a range of human emotions and states, from public displays of affection to personal moments of reflection, offering a rich tableau of the diverse experiences present at the World’s Fair.

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