Untitled by Jerry Uelsmann (1978)

The photograph titled “Untitled” by Jerry Uelsmann from the year 1978 presents a surrealistic black-and-white image. It depicts a scene where the upper portion of the composition shows a house seemingly floating on top of rippled water, reflected upside down. Below, a dry, cracked landscape stretches out, with a broken, zigzagging fence leading towards the ethereal house.

In the photograph, the contrast between the upper and lower parts of the image offers a captivating duality. The lower part seems parched, with the cracked earth texture dominating the foreground, while the upper segment portrays the illusion of a tranquil, watery reflection with the house calmingly resting on or beneath its surface. This juxtaposition may be interpreted as a commentary on the paradoxes of reality and the constructs of perception. Uelsmann was known for his masterful darkroom techniques that allowed him to blend various photographs to create such dream-like composites.

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