Untitled by Jerry Uelsmann (1965)

The photograph titled “Untitled” by artist Jerry Uelsmann was created in the year 1965. It is a surreal image that manipulates reality through darkroom techniques.

In the photograph, two prominent stone lion sculptures serve as the foreground subjects. These statues face the viewer, with expressions and texture that evoke a sense of age and wear. Behind the lions, we see a large, somewhat Victorian-style house resting on the horizon. The house has multiple windows and dormers, and it appears to reside on top of a dark, dense area that could be vegetation or another structure, adding to the surreal quality of the composition. The overall atmosphere of the image is haunting, invoking a feeling of mystery or dreamlike reality. The play of elements in the image can be seen as a representation of the boundary between the domesticated, human world, represented by the house, and the wild, symbolized by the lions.

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