The patriarch of Constantinople by Lothar Wolleh (1966)

The photograph titled “The Patriarch of Constantinople” was taken by the artist Lothar Wolleh in the year 1966. It features a solitary figure seated in what appears to be a grand setting.

In the image, a person presumed to be the patriarch is seated on an ornate chair, dressed in dark ceremonial robes that cover most of the body, with ornamental crosses and symbols of ecclesiastical authority. The figure’s posture denotes a sense of solemnity and authority, accentuated by the religious regalia. The backdrop of the photograph is richly decorated with bas-relief sculptures or engravings of what appear to be historic buildings, possibly churches or cathedrals, evoking a heritage of religious architecture. The floor is of veined marble, complementing the grandeur of the space, and the patriarch is elevated on a small platform, emphasizing the figure’s significance within the setting. The overall composition and monochrome tones contribute to a strong atmospheric quality with a sense of history and solemn tradition.

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