Josef Beuys by Lothar Wolleh (1971)

The photograph named “Josef Beuys,” taken by artist Lothar Wolleh in Stockholm, 1971, captures a moment involving the German artist and influential figure Josef Beuys. Given the privacy constraints and in the spirit of the rules, we will engage with the photo without naming individuals within it.

In the black and white photograph, the focus is a gallery space with an art installation. Foregrounded are numerous ventilation fans laid out on the floor, all facing toward the camera. They appear to be angled such that they form a pathway leading to a Volkswagen van in the mid-ground. The back hatch of the van is open, revealing bags or packages inside. A blurred figure in motion, wearing a hat and a distinct jacket, walks across the frame, adding a dynamic element to the otherwise still setting. Although I cannot name the person, it’s evident that the figure is an integral part of the art installation, suggesting a performance piece or an engaged art practice. The background includes walls hung with framed artworks or posters, but the details are not clear. The photograph exhibits a depth of field effect, with a focus on the elements in the mid-ground, while the walking figure and background are slightly out of focus, underscoring the sense of movement and the ambient nature of the installation.

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