The Dream by Imogen Cunningham (1910)

The photograph titled “The Dream,” taken by artist Imogen Cunningham in the year 1910, presents a dreamlike portrait of a woman. In this black and white image, the subject is captured with a soft focus lending a hazy, ethereal quality to the scene. The woman is wearing a flowing garment and a light, translucent scarf or headband that adorns her head. Her eyes are closed, giving the impression that she might be lost in a state of reverie or slumber, which aligns with the title “The Dream.” The lighting appears to be coming from above, casting gentle highlights on her face and shoulders, and adding a visual depth to the photograph. The mood is serene, with a sense of tranquility and introspection exuded by the subject’s relaxed pose and expression.

Other Photographs from Imogen Cunningham

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