Minor White, Photographer by Imogen Cunningham (1963)

The photograph titled “Minor White, Photographer” was captured by the artist Imogen Cunningham in 1963. It is a portrait of Minor White himself, who was also a renowned photographer. In this black and white image, Minor White is depicted in a half-length portrait, directly facing the camera with a deeply contemplative or intense gaze. He has short-cropped white hair, pronounced facial features, and is wearing a light-colored, short-sleeved shirt.

White’s arms are crossed in front of him, resting on a table or similar surface that is not visible in the frame, giving him a somewhat guarded or introspective posture. Behind him, there is a curious element: a plant with long, thorny stems that fan out, somewhat resembling the burst of a firework or a star shape. This plant element adds a contrasting texture and a symbolic layer to the photograph, which could be interpreted in various ways, from suggesting the complexity and depth of White’s character to perhaps referencing the intricate nature of his photographic work. The use of lighting in the image is dramatic, highlighting White’s face and the texture of the plant while the background remains dark, focusing the viewer’s attention on the subject and the immediate elements.

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