Stapelia by Imogen Cunningham (1928)

The photograph titled “Stapelia,” created by artist Imogen Cunningham in the year 1928, depicts a detailed image of a Stapelia plant. The composition of the photograph is monochromatic, capturing the textures and patterns of the plant’s elements.

In the photograph, we see the Stapelia, which is a type of succulent known for its star-shaped flowers. The central focus is the flower itself, displaying mottled patterns and is likely starkly contrasted against the background. The succulent stems lead to the flower, emphasizing the flower’s distinctive form and pattern. The shadows and light appear to be thoughtfully employed to enhance the three-dimensionality and reveal the natural details of the plant. This creates an interplay between light and dark areas adding depth to the image. The backdrop seems to be plain, ensuring the viewer’s attention remains fixed on the intricate details of the Stapelia’s flower and stems.

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