Saltine Box by Paul Outerbridge (1922/23)

The photograph titled “Saltine Box” was created by artist Paul Outerbridge, likely between the years 1922 and 1923. This image is a black and white photograph that depicts a seemingly simple yet graphically strong composition.

In the photograph, we see a subject that appears to be a box captured in a high-contrast environment that emphasizes geometric shapes, light, and shadow. The play of light has cast sharp shadows and has defined the edges of the box, creating a sense of volume and depth. The composition is straightforward, with the box placed off-center and angled in such a way that its corners create leading lines within the frame. The surrounding folds or creases suggest the box may be sitting on a draped cloth. The monochromatic tones range from dark to light, highlighting the box’s form against the background. Overall, the photo exhibits a minimalist aesthetic, focusing on form, contrast, and the interplay of light and dark to create a thought-provoking visual appeal.

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