Images de Deauville by Paul Outerbridge (c. 1936)

The photograph titled “Images de Deauville,” created by the artist Paul Outerbridge around 1936, appears to be a still life composition. In the image, there is an array of objects that includes a yellow geometric cone-like shape, a black and white spherical object that could be a ball or a paperweight with a swirl pattern, a large seashell, a die with dots representing the number six facing the viewer, and a picture or a painting propped in the background that depicts a sailboat on water. The composition is a study of forms, colors, and textures, arranged in a way that creates an interesting visual balance. The objects are set against a neutral background which highlights their shapes and colors. This selective color use is characteristic of Outerbridge’s work, where he was an early pioneer in the use of color photography for artistic expression.

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