Picket, Downstate demonstration by Roy DeCarava (1963)

The photograph titled “Picket, Downstate demonstration” was taken by artist Roy DeCarava in the year 1963. It is a black and white portrait that captures the expression of an African American man participating in what appears to be a demonstration or protest event. He wears a hat and glasses, which frame his deeply expressive eyes. His gaze seems thoughtful, conveying a mix of determination and solemn reflection. The man’s face is marked with the lines of age, suggesting wisdom and experience. In the background, partially out of focus, there is the suggestion of other individuals participating in the same event, with the word “register” discernible, although the full context of the signage is not visible. This partial view hints at the civil rights theme of the demonstration, possibly related to voter registration efforts. The close-up, personal framing of the subject brings a strong emotional component to the image, giving it a sense of intimacy and immediacy.

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