Party-mask with Shells by Paul Outerbridge (1936)

The photograph titled “Party-mask with Shells” is a work of art by Paul Outerbridge, dating back to 1936. It captures a staged composition with an assortment of objects that evoke a sense of celebration and oceanic themes.

In the photograph, there’s a central focus on a blue party mask adorned with pearl-like beads. The mask is accompanied by various seashells, which are scattered around, suggesting a connection to the sea. To the left, a conical party hat with bright, metallic colors adds to the festive mood of the image. In the background, there are hints of a starry sky above and vertical, reflective surfaces that might evoke the idea of tall, sleek columns or perhaps curtains. The entire scene is set upon a reflective surface, amplifying the objects and creating a sense of depth. The colors in the image are vibrant, with the contrasting blue of the mask, the gleaming yellow and green of the hat, and the natural tones of the shells, all set against the deep hues of the backdrop, creating a visually compelling tableau.

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