New York by Helen Levitt (c. 1945)

The photograph titled “New York” by artist Helen Levitt dates back to approximately 1945. It captures a candid street scene depicting daily life in New York City during that era.

In the image, we see a group of people on a residential street, likely in an urban neighborhood of New York. The focus is on a man standing in the foreground, dressed in a suit and hat, with a patterned tie. He appears to be gazing off to the side, slightly away from the camera, lending an air of candidness and spontaneity to the photograph.

To his left, in the background, there is a man sitting on a chair, turned sideways, while another person, whose back is facing the camera, has his hands clasped and appears to be engaged in conversation with the seated individual. Further in the background, behind a metal railing, a young child peeks out of a window, adding a layer of depth to the scene and emphasizing the multi-generational aspect of the urban environment. The brickwork of the buildings, the design of the clothing, and the overall ambience suggest a mid-20th century setting.

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