Untitled by Helen Levitt (c. 1942)

The photograph titled “Untitled” by artist Helen Levitt was taken around the year 1942. The image captures the essence of street art before it became widely recognized as an art form. Specifically, the photo showcases a chalk drawing of a figure on a brick wall beside a window. The work is noteworthy for its simplicity and evokes the creativity found in everyday urban environments. The drawing is reminiscent of a child’s artwork, characterized by its simplicity and unrefined lines. The figure appears to be a human-like form, with a head, body, arms, and legs outlined in chalk. There are also written elements within the drawing, but due to the age and condition of the photograph, as well as the style of the writing, it’s challenging to discern exactly what is written. The photograph captures a fleeting moment of urban expression, preserving it in time.

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