Medallion by Frederick Sommer (1948)

The photograph titled “Medallion” was captured by the artist Frederick Sommer in the year 1948. This image is a black and white photograph displaying a striking contrast with textures. At the center, there appears to be a round object that somewhat resembles a medallion due to its shape and central positioning. The object is surrounded by an intricate pattern of flaking or peeling material. The background is predominantly a wood grain texture with natural lines and knots, providing a rustic and aged appearance to the overall composition.

It appears to be an abstract work, playing with elements of texture and form to evoke different interpretations from the viewer. The photograph’s monochromatic tones enhance its textural qualities and highlight the interplay between the ‘medallion’ centerpiece and its wooden backdrop. The image evokes a sense of decay and the passage of time, as the textures suggest weathering and deterioration.

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