John Marin by Alfred Stieglitz (1922)

The photograph “John Marin” was taken by artist Alfred Stieglitz in the year 1922. It showcases a portrait of an individual, presumably John Marin, who is captured in a pensive mood. The photograph is a monochrome image that appears to hone in on the emotive aspect of the subject’s expression.

In this sepia-toned photograph, the subject is portrayed with his hand resting on his cheek, elbow on a surface, suggesting a pose of contemplation or thoughtfulness. His attire seems to be semi-formal with a dark blazer and a vest, and his hair is slightly disheveled. The focus on the subject’s face allows for a detailed view of his introspective gaze. The lighting accentuates the lines and features of his face, providing depth to his thoughtful expression. The background is blurred and indistinct, ensuring that the subject remains the focal point of the composition.

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