Icy Night by Alfred Stieglitz (1893)

The photograph titled “Icy Night” was captured by the artist Alfred Stieglitz in the year 1893. This image showcases a tranquil, snowy evening scene. The perspective offered is one where the viewer is positioned on a path or walkway through a park, lined on both sides by snow-clad trees. Their bare, dark branches form a stark contrast against the snowy white trunks and ground, as well as the hazy, diffuse light emanating from street lamps in the distance. The path ahead is marked by the footprints left in the fresh snow, leading the eye toward an obscured and misty urban backdrop barely perceptible through the tree line. The overall mood conveyed is one of serene solitude, with elements of the photo blending to evoke the chilly silence of a winter night in a city park.

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