Henry Moore by Lothar Wolleh (1979)

The photograph titled “Henry Moore” was taken by artist Lothar Wolleh in London, 1979. It captures an image of the British sculptor Henry Moore in what appears to be an exhibition space surrounded by several of his large abstract sculptures. The perspective of the photograph places Moore centrally, standing with a cane, dressed in a dark suit, creating a human anchor in the midst of his sizable artworks. The sculptures themselves are characterized by their smooth, curved surfaces and organic shapes, a hallmark of Moore’s style. The lighting within the room comes from above, likely from skylights, which casts dramatic shadows and highlights the three-dimensional forms of Moore’s work. The composition emphasizes the scale of the sculptures in relation to the artist, accentuating the physicality and presence of the art within the space.

Other Photographs from Lothar Wolleh

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