Hands and Thimble – Georgia O’Keeffe by Alfred Stieglitz (1920)

“Hands and Thimble – Georgia O’Keeffe” is a photograph by Alfred Stieglitz, taken in the year 1920. The image captures a close-up view of hands, specifically those of the artist Georgia O’Keeffe. In the photograph, you can observe O’Keeffe’s hands occupied with the delicate task of sewing, with a thimble placed on one of her fingers, which is a classic tool used in sewing to protect the finger from the needle. The image is notable for its intimate portrayal and detailed focus on the hands, conveying a sense of delicacy, precision, and perhaps the artistic process synonymous with O’Keeffe’s own approach to her work. Stieglitz’s choice of composition, lighting, and depth create a soft yet striking visual study of the hands at work, adding an almost tactile quality to the photograph.

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