Guard by Lothar Wolleh (1965)

The photograph titled “Guard” was taken by artist Lothar Wolleh in Stockholm, 1965. It features a close-up portrait of a guard standing at attention. The guard is depicted in crisp, contrasting black and white tones, highlighting the details of his uniform and accoutrements. He wears a highly ornamental helmet with a shiny emblem and a spike on top. Sunglasses cover his eyes, and his expression is neutral yet attentive. The guard is dressed in a dark, formal uniform adorned with buttons running down the center, and he wears white gloves. His grip on a white object, possibly a ceremonial baton or part of his uniform, is visible. The lighting and composition focus the viewer’s attention on the guard’s face and uniform, accentuating the formal and authoritative nature of his appearance.

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