Georg Baselitz, in his studio by Lothar Wolleh (1971)

This is a black and white photograph titled “Georg Baselitz, in his studio,” taken by the artist Lothar Wolleh in Mülheim, 1971. The photograph captures the artist Georg Baselitz in his creative workspace.

The photograph shows a man, presumably Georg Baselitz, standing in the middle of a room that appears to be his studio. Behind him, there are large, expressive paintings with what looks like figurative elements, possibly inverted as is common in Baselitz’s work. The man is facing the camera, positioned slightly off-center, with his body angled to give a three-quarter view. He is dressed in a dark shirt and trousers, and his hands are tucked into his pockets, giving off a relaxed but confident demeanor. The artwork surrounding him seems to dominate the space with their scale and expressive brushstrokes, suggesting a vibrant creative process. The studio floor is wooden, and natural light seems to be entering the room from the side, casting shadows and adding depth to the scene.

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