Geography pages by Emmet Gowin (1974)

The photograph titled “Geography pages” was created by the artist Emmet Gowin in the year 1974. The image depicts what appears to be a wrinkled, crumpled sheet or a collage of various illustrations, maps, and text that have been significantly distressed or weathered. This arrangement has a surreal, almost dreamlike quality, as scenes seem to float and blend into one another. The material seems to be paper with a range of imagery from geographical illustrations to what could be interpretations of historical or mythological events. It has a monochromatic color palette, which suggests it might be a black-and-white photo or the pages themselves might have been originally printed in grayscale. The condition of the depicted material lends a sense of age and the impression that the pages could hold stories from the past. The detailed nature of the images suggest they could be from an old book or collection of prints.

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