Edith and Ruth, Danville, Virginia by Emmet Gowin (1966)

The photograph “Edith and Ruth” was captured by the artist Emmet Gowin.

In the photograph, there are two women positioned in close proximity to each other, against a natural background that appears to be composed of shrubbery or small trees. The woman in the foreground gazes directly into the camera with a strong, steady stare, and her lips are pressed together in a neutral expression. She is wearing what appears to be a dark jacket or coat with the collar turned up. The woman in the background, slightly out of focus relative to the first, is looking off to the side. Her facial expression is more subdued and contemplative. Both women have similar hairstyles that are short and wavy, and they are dressed in simple, dark clothing that gives the photograph a timeless quality. The overall mood is solemn and reflective, with a certain intimacy suggested by their close positioning and their composed, yet emotive, expressions.

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