Farmer by His House by Yousuf Karsh (c. 1952)

The photograph titled “Farmer by His House” is a work by artist Yousuf Karsh and is dated to circa 1952. It is a black-and-white image that captures a farmer standing outdoors with a confident, perhaps reflective, expression. His posture is upright, and he appears to be looking off into the distance. The farmer is dressed in a light-colored shirt, dark trousers held up by suspenders, and he seems to be in mid-adult to older age, with signs of lived experience on his face.

In the background, there’s a simple, white-painted house with a dark roof. The house has visible windows and a chimney, suggesting a modest, rural dwelling. The image is clear with good contrast, highlighting the textures of the man’s clothing, his facial features, and the details of the house. The sky above is slightly overcast, creating a soft, diffused light with no harsh shadows. The photograph may evoke themes of rural life, hard work, resilience, or a connection to the land.

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