Charles De Gaulle by Yousuf Karsh (1944)

The photograph titled “Charles De Gaulle” was taken by the artist Yousuf Karsh in the year 1944. The photograph captures Charles de Gaulle standing against the backdrop of an ornately carved door. De Gaulle, the subject of the photograph, is wearing a military uniform adorned with various insignia, suggesting his high rank and distinguished service. His posture is upright and formal with his hands clasped in front of him. He wears a kepi with what appears to be an insignia on the front, which indicates his status in the French military. His expression is serious and composed. The lighting in the photograph is dramatic, focusing on his face and the upper part of his uniform, which accentuates the textures and details of his attire and the intricate carvings of the door behind him. The photograph is monochromatic, which contributes to the timeless and dignified atmosphere that surrounds this figure.

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