Estrellita Karsh by Yousuf Karsh (1963)

The photograph titled “Estrellita Karsh” was taken by the artist Yousuf Karsh in the year 1963. It features a side profile of a woman, possibly named Estrellita, as suggested by the title. The image is a monochromatic portrait with a focus on the subject’s face, showcasing her adorned with a decorative element in her hair, which appears to be a flower or a floral accessory. She has a serene and composed expression, her gaze directed off-camera. Her hair is styled in an elegant updo, and she wears a pair of drop earrings, adding a touch of refinement to her appearance. The lighting of the photograph softly illuminates her facial features, highlighting the contours of her face with a classic chiaroscuro effect often found in Karsh’s portrait works. The background is plain, providing a clear, unobtrusive backdrop that ensures the viewer’s attention remains squarely on the woman’s profile.

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