Dipsacus fullonum by Karl Blossfeldt

The photograph named “Dipsacus fullonum” by artist Karl Blossfeldt portrays the common teasel plant. Blossfeldt’s work, typically capturing the intricate details of plants, likely dates back to the early 20th century, consistent with his active period as a photographer. The image is a black and white close-up that exhibits the distinct structural qualities of the plant, known for its bristled flower head.

In this image, the central focus is the elongated, conical flower head of the teasel, exhibiting a pattern of tightly packed spikes that encircle it. These spikes form rows that give a sense of order and rhythm to the photograph. Below the flower head, a few slender, pointed leaves extend outward, adding contrast to the verticality of the central structure. The background is neutral and serves to highlight the subject without distraction. The lighting and contrast emphasize the textures of the plant, showcasing Blossfeldt’s skill in revealing the architectural forms found in nature.

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