Coriolanious by Max Waldman

The photograph titled “Coriolanious” was created by the artist Max Waldman. It captures a scene involving the actor Patrick Stewart, Ian Hogg, and others, presumably from a theatrical production.

In the black and white photograph, we see a highly dramatic scene with at least two individuals engaged in what appears to be a violent and intense moment. The person in the foreground, who is lying down, is being gripped by another individual standing over them who seems to be screaming and wielding a knife. The costume and makeup of the standing figure suggest a tribal or warrior-like character, with feathers on the head and body paint or tattoos. The emotions captured are vivid, with expressions and body language conveying aggression and fear. The contrast and grain of the image add to the intensity and theatricality of the moment. The composition, highlighting the dynamics between the characters, suggests this is a climactic or pivotal scene in the narrative being portrayed.

Other Photographs from Max Waldman

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