Calla Lily by Robert Mapplethorpe (1984)

The photograph “Calla Lily” was taken by the artist Robert Mapplethorpe in 1984. It is a black-and-white image depicting the elegant curves and smooth surface of a calla lily.

In the photograph, you can see the striking contrast between the dark background and the luminous, almost silky texture of the lily. The light appears to be coming from the left side, illuminating the flower and showcasing its graceful lines and organic form. The calla lily’s bloom is captured side-on, providing a view of its rolled edge that spirals inward, while the stem gently curves as it supports the weight of the bloom. The deep shadows and the flower’s pure form exemplify Mapplethorpe’s skill in elevating a simple floral subject to a level of fine art through meticulous composition and control of light.

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