Apples and Gable, Lake George by Alfred Stieglitz (1922)

The photograph “Apples and Gable, Lake George” was captured by the artist Alfred Stieglitz in the year 1922. The image showcases a striking composition that juxtaposes natural and architectural elements.

In the photograph, we see a close-up of several apple branches in the foreground with ripe apples hanging from them. The branches and apples are silhouetted against a backdrop that includes part of a house. The focal point is on the apples themselves, which appear to be suspended in mid-air. The house in the background features a gable with a window, and the contrast between the organic shapes of the apples and the straight lines of the house’s siding creates an interesting visual dynamic. The siding of the house appears to have a pattern that might be shingles or clapboard, giving texture to the image. Overall, the photograph has a contemplative quality, inviting the viewer to reflect on the interplay between man-made structures and the natural world.

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