Ansel Adams, Photographer by Imogen Cunningham (1975)

The photograph titled “Ansel Adams, Photographer” was taken by Imogen Cunningham in the year 1975. It features an elderly gentleman, presumably Ansel Adams himself, seated on the ground against a backdrop that includes a tree trunk and what appears to be a doorway. He has a full beard and a lively expression on his face, with his eyes slightly crinkled in a hint of a smile. The individual is dressed in a dark shirt with light piping and dark trousers. His demeanor exudes a relaxed yet spirited character, sitting with one knee up and one extended, and his eyeglasses are placed beside him on the ground, which suggests he may have been in a moment of rest or casual repose. The photograph is captured in black and white, highlighting the textures and tones of the subject and his surroundings, a style indicative of many portraits from that era.

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