Alfred Stieglitz, Photographer by Imogen Cunningham (1934)

The photograph titled “Alfred Stieglitz, Photographer” was taken by Imogen Cunningham in the year 1934. It features a portrait of Alfred Stieglitz, a prominent figure in the world of photography.

In the photograph, Alfred Stieglitz appears as an elder gentleman, wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and a tie. He is seated, looking off to the side rather than directly at the camera, giving a contemplative or introspective expression. His white hair is swept back and he wears round spectacles. His hands are elegantly crossed in front of him.

The background of the photograph consists of what looks like a draped cloth or perhaps a form of abstract art. The draped material adds a soft, textured contrast to the sharp details of Stieglitz’s visage and clothing. The lighting accentuates his facial features and adds depth to the portrait, testament to Cunningham’s skill as a photographer capturing the essence of her subject.

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