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About Walker Evans

Walker Evans was an accomplished American photographer and photojournalist born in 1903 in St. Louis, Missouri. He was educated at Williams College and the Sorbonne in Paris, where he honed his skills as a photographer. Evans is recognized as one of the most important documentary photographers of the 20th century, with a style that sought to capture everyday life events and the beauty of everyday people.

During his work for the Farm Security Administration (FSA), Evans used an 8×10-inch view camera to document poverty during the Great Depression. This iconic work has become an essential part of photography history, illustrating a time of deep economic hardship in America’s past.

In 1938, Walker Evans: American Photographs exhibition at MoMA propelled him into international prominence. In addition to this famous exhibition, many other group exhibitions have featured Evan’s work; a testament to his influence on ambitious photography throughout modern times.

Evans’ unique style continues to inspire modern photographers today as they capture daily life events from their own perspectives behind their lens’. His artistic finesse provides future generations with valuable documentation of social behaviors that took place during previous eras.

Photographs from Walker Evans

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