Roger Fenton – Photos and Artwork

About Roger Fenton

Roger Fenton, born in 1819, was a well-known English photographer who initially studied law and painting before turning to photography. He is considered one of the most accomplished landscape and architectural photographers of his time and had a profound influence on the medium.

One of Fenton’s most significant contributions was his photographs of the Crimean War. They were the first comprehensive photographic documents that captured a war in detail. His images showed soldiers, logistics, landscapes, and battlefields during the war’s different phases. From this extensive documentation comes more than twenty popular photos that are still widely recognized today.

As an important figure in photography’s early history, Fenton also founded The Photographic Society of London in 1853—a society dedicated to promoting photography as an art form worldwide. His contribution to landscape and architectural photography has been profound with many photographers citing him as an inspiration for their style.

Fenton’s legacy continues today as his photographs are still highly regarded amongst art enthusiasts worldwide; they have even authored several books discussing some of his most famous works – one example is “Valley Of The Shadow Of Death: Roger Fenton And The Crimean War”.

Photographs from Roger Fenton

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