Paul Outerbridge – Photos and Artwork

About Paul Outerbridge

Paul Outerbridge, Jr. was a renowned American photographer known for his pioneering work in color photography and his contributions to fashion and commercial photography. He began his career as an illustrator and designer before transitioning to photography in the 1920s.

Outerbridge’s work drew heavily from Cubism and Modern abstract painting, resulting in iconic, surrealist-like images that captured everyday objects in innovative ways. His photographs were published in publications such as Vanity Fair and Vogue early in his career, establishing him as a major player in the fashion industry.

However, what set Outerbridge apart from other photographers of his time was his experimentation with color techniques. He was one of the earliest pioneers and teachers of color photography at a time when black-and-white images reigned supreme. His ability to arrange ordinary objects while playing with light made him an influential figure in photographic history.

In addition to being recognized for his contributions to art and commercial photography, Outerbridge created erotic nude photographs that went against societal norms at the time they were taken but now represent such practices’ beginnings. Misunderstood by most people during his lifetime because he shot erotic sensual photos, outer bridge’s legacy continues through solo exhibitions of past works expounded by collectors who know; eleven of these prints were showcased at the Smithsonian Institution back in 1959.

Photographs from Paul Outerbridge

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