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About Minor White

Minor Martin White was a highly influential American photographer, teacher, and writer who had a deep interest in the ways people saw and interpreted photographs. His work and writings greatly impacted the field of creative photography in the mid-20th century. Born on July 9, 1908, in Minneapolis, he studied botany at the University of Minnesota before moving to Portland, Oregon where he worked as a photographer for the Works Progress Administration while also teaching photography.

White’s interests also extended to aesthetics and art history which led him to study for two years at Columbia University under Meyer Schapiro. He founded Aperture magazine with other photographers such as Ansel Adams that continued to be published after his death. One of his most significant contributions to photography was his unique blending of Zen philosophy with mysticism that is reflected in many of his works’ subject matter.

White passed away on June 24, 1976, in Cambridge, Massachusetts but left behind a monumental legacy in both academic circles and artistic circles. Additionally known for being an educator who inspired students to look beyond technicalities alone and develop their critical thinking skills regarding photographic representation has made many important contributions throughout his career influencing later generations not only as an image maker but also through ideas expressed through books like ‘The Sense of Wonder’ – essays on subjects ranging from art theory & criticism related topics that left an indelible mark on photographic landscape well into today’s modern age.

Photographs from Minor White

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