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About Arnold Newman

Arnold Newman was an American photographer known for his masterful environmental portraits. He was born in New York City in 1918 and passed away in Manhattan in 2006, leaving behind a legacy of innovative and expressive images.

Newman’s work revolutionized the concept of portraiture by placing his subjects in settings associated with their work. He also excelled at still life and abstract photography. His clients included world leaders, artists, and celebrities such as Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky, and Marilyn Monroe.

Throughout his career, Newman received numerous awards for his contributions to the field of photography. He was awarded nine honorary doctorates and the coveted Life Achievement in Photography Award from the American Society of Magazine Photographers. Major museums around the world have held solo exhibitions dedicated to Newman’s impressive body of work.

The Arnold Newman website is dedicated to preserving and sharing his legacy with new generations. Newman’s portraits can be appreciated not only for their technical accuracy but also for their ability to convey personality, mood, and setting creatively. His impact on modern portraiture will undoubtedly continue to inspire photographers worldwide for years to come.

Photographs from Arnold Newman

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