Alexander Rodchenko – Photos and Artwork

About Alexander Rodchenko

Alexander Rodchenko was a Russian artist, sculptor, photographer, and graphic designer who lived from 1891 to 1956. He is one of the founders of constructivism and Russian design. Rodchenko proved to be a key figure in these movements with his unconventional artworks that represented Soviet ideology.

In 1921, Rodchenko turned away from easel painting and focused his attention on photography and design. His photographs had unique perspectives, diagonals, and geometries that incorporated photomontage techniques. He treated images as raw footage as he captured cityscapes such as buildings and bridges in unique angles that gave an abstract effect. This is notable in his landmark series ‘Studies for Space Construction’ where he photographed details of rusting metal towers.

Rodchenko’s experimentation with different media pushed the boundaries of design while contributing significantly to theater design, painting, sculpture, and art education. Lately referred to experimental photography as ‘the collective eye’ that justified how some art could serve practical purposes by reaching out to millions rather than personal functioning. Rodchenko’s influence is still felt today in modern graphic design, advertising campaigns around the world demonstrate concepts resembling those created by him.

In conclusion Alexander Rodchenko’s legacy demonstrates that experimentations with new media could lead not only to innovative ways of imaging reality but also engender social change by transforming photographs into powerful ciphers of contemporary life.

Photographs from Alexander Rodchenko

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