Women’s Lodging Room in the West 47th Street Station by Jacob Riis (c. 1892)

The photograph titled “Women’s Lodging Room in the West 47th Street Station” is a work by Jacob Riis, dated around 1892. It is a black and white image that captures the living conditions of women in a lodging room of the West 47th Street Station from that era.

In the photograph, you can see several women occupying a dimly lit room. The setting appears to be a lodging room with sparse and basic facilities. There are clothes hanging to dry on a line stretched across the room, suggesting the multipurpose use of the space. Several buckets are placed on the floor, indicating chores or perhaps the lack of proper plumbing.

There is a stove in the center, and one woman is seen sitting close to it, presumably seeking warmth or cooking. A woman is lying on the floor, wrapped in a tattered blanket, which appears to be her bed for the night, highlighting the uncomfortable and possibly harsh sleeping conditions. Another woman is seated to the side with her legs crossed, and appears to be peeling or preparing some food, while a fourth woman is to the right side of the frame, also engaging in some sort of task or meal preparation. The overall scene conveys the hardship and simplicity of life in this lodging room, with the occupants engaged in everyday activities within a cramped and poorly furnished environment.

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