Untitled (Son and Mother at a Crypt – Lexington Cemetery) by Ralph Eugene Meatyard (c. 1955)

The photograph titled “Untitled (Son and Mother at a Crypt – Lexington Cemetery)” was taken by Ralph Eugene Meatyard around 1955. The black and white image depicts a boy standing in the foreground at a wrought iron gate, with a look that could be described as intent or piercing. He is wearing a horizontally striped shirt and his gaze seems to be directed towards the camera. Behind him and slightly to the left, seen through the gate and foliage, stands a woman inside the crypt’s entrance, who appears to be the boy’s mother. She is looking outward, although not directly at the camera. The overall composition is moody, with natural light providing contrast and emphasis on both the boy and the woman. The crypt exhibits an aged appearance, with vines and overgrowth suggesting neglect or the passing of time.

Other Photographs from Ralph Eugene Meatyard

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