Untitled by E. J. Bellocq (c. 1912)

The photograph titled “Untitled” was captured by artist E. J. Bellocq around the year 1912. It presents a vintage aesthetic and belongs to a body of work for which Bellocq is known, often depicting 20th-century life.

The photograph shows a woman reclining on a chaise lounge. She appears to be nude except for a pair of dark thigh-high stockings and a dark masquerade-style mask covering her eyes. The setting suggests an interior space with a decorated background, likely a room; you can make out a bed with a dark headboard behind her. The image has a soft, grainy quality and is not fully intact – the edges of the photo are visibly damaged, with portions of the bottom and left sides torn or deteriorated, which adds to the antique feel of the image. The woman is posing with one hand behind her head and the other resting on her thigh, contributing to a relaxed yet confident demeanor. The lighting and her posture emphasize her form and the contours of her body.

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