Untitled by E. J. Bellocq (c. 1912)

The photograph titled “Untitled” was taken by the artist E. J. Bellocq, around the year 1912. It features a black-and-white image, showing signs of aging and wear around the edges of the photograph.

In the image, there is a woman reclining on what appears to be a patterned chaise lounge or daybed. She is naked apart from a pair of thigh-high stockings and dark shoes, and she’s wearing a mask that covers her eyes and the upper part of her face. The setting gives the impression of a private, intimate space, likely indoors, with a dark background that includes a large, ornately designed wooden bedstead which adds to the vintage feel of the image. The woman’s pose is relaxed, and the mask adds an element of anonymity and possibly intrigue or fantasy to the portrait. The overall composition and the aged quality of the photograph contribute to its historical and artistic significance.

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