The Haystack by William Henry Fox Talbot (1844-45)

The photograph titled “The Haystack” was created by William Henry Fox Talbot between 1844 and 1845. It’s an early example of paper photography from the mid-19th century, during the formative years of photographic technique and expression.

The image shows a sizable haystack with a steeply sloping, thatched roof, which appears to be a common feature of agricultural settings from that period. A ladder leans against one side, suggesting recent or ongoing work, such as thatching or perhaps reaching higher stacks. The structure’s side is supported by a solid frame, and there is a small open section towards the bottom where hay might be taken out or stored. On the left side of the haystack, a stack of what looks like cut wood can be seen. The surroundings indicate an open field area with trees in the background, providing context for the rural or agricultural setting of the photograph.

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