St. Peters by Lothar Wolleh (1975)

The photograph titled “St. Peters” by Lothar Wolleh was taken in the Vatican in 1975. It showcases the grand interior of St. Peter’s Basilica, characterized by its intricate floor designs, massive columns, and sumptuous architectural details. Visitors to the basilica are visible, some standing still and others captured in motion, creating a blurred effect that illustrates the liveliness and transient nature of the setting.

In this image, the interior of the basilica is bathed in natural light that streams in from the right-hand side, illuminating the statues, pilasters, and the richly decorated coffered ceiling. The flooring features elegant geometric patterns composed of various shades of marble. To the left, a large sculpture can be seen in a niche, and there are several altars and religious paintings that adorn the walls of the cathedral. The dynamic that the artist has captured between the permanence of the architecture and the movement of the people provides a sense of both the enduring grandeur and the daily activity of this historic sacred space.

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