Snow on Garage Door, Rochester, New York by Minor White (1960)

The photograph titled “Snow on Garage Door, Rochester, New York” was captured by the artist Minor White in the year 1960. This black-and-white image portrays the details of a garage door with a distinctive pattern of snow accumulation.

In the photograph, we see a textured wooden garage door with a central, square window pane. The natural grain of the wooden planks provides a linear backdrop, with horizontal lines contrasting with the vertical wooden beams that frame the window and split the door symmetrically. Snow has settled unevenly across the surface of the wood and around the window frame, highlighting the structure’s details while adding a speckled texture that enhances the image’s depth. The ground below shows a smooth expanse of snow, indicating a recent snowfall. The contrast between the dark wood and the bright snow emphasizes the coldness and quietness typical of a snowy day in Rochester. White’s photograph captures the simple beauty of winter’s touch on everyday objects, reflecting a moment frozen in time.

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