Sarah Bernhardt by Nadar (1865)

The photograph titled “Sarah Bernhardt,” taken by Nadar in 1865, features the renowned French actress of the same name. The image is a black-and-white portrait, capturing the subject’s elegant poise and the subtleties of her attire and expression.

In this classic photograph, the actress Sarah Bernhardt is shown exuding a confident yet gentle demeanor. She is dressed in a luxurious gown with a loose, draped sleeve that falls off her shoulder, revealing a hint of her décolletage. Her hair appears to be styled in soft curls framing her face, and her gaze meets directly with the camera, suggesting a mixture of introspection and direct communication with the viewer. Bernhardt rests one arm atop a pedestal, adding to the composed and classical nature of the pose. The lighting accentuates the textures of her garment and highlights the graceful contours of her face and arm. The background is plain and nondescript, ensuring that the viewer’s focus remains on the subject. The signature “Nadar” can be seen in the upper corner, indicating the photographer’s mark.

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