Portugal by Josef Koudelka (1976)

The photograph titled “Portugal” was taken by Josef Koudelka in the year 1976. The image, captured in black and white, depicts an evocative scene with stark lighting contrasts. On the left side of the frame, there stands a traditional hook-handled umbrella, resting against the wall, and to its right, there is a small child with curly hair sitting alone on the floor with a stoic expression. The child is playing with or holding what seems to be a small doll. Sharp shadows cut across the room, emerging from what appears to be a window out of view. On the right-hand side of the photograph, there is an elderly man seated on a bench, his shadow cast prominently against the wall behind him. He appears to be wearing glasses and holds something close to his face, possibly reading. A woman, dressed in traditional attire and looking downward, sits next to the man, her posture suggesting a quiet contemplation or prayer. The photograph is filled with a sense of stillness and perhaps contemplation or an imminent story unfolding beyond the frame.

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