Morocco by Harry Callahan (1981)

The photograph titled “Morocco” was captured by artist Harry Callahan in the year 1981. The image showcases a stark, colorful building facade characterized by a warm peach or salmon color. In front of this building, there appears to be two individuals—presumably a woman and a child—walking by. The child is slightly ahead of the woman, and they are both casting long shadows due to what seems to be sunlight coming from the right side, indicating either early morning or late afternoon. The building has multiple features, including a street lamp rising almost to the top of the frame, four large blue garage-like doors with metallic fixtures, two white shuttered windows at the upper left, and what looks like a decorative door at the right. This scene is set against a clear blue sky. The composition of the photograph is remarkable, with the human figures providing a dynamic sense of scale and movement against the static architecture.

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