Leaves II by Paul Strand (1929)

“Leaves II” is a photograph by Paul Strand created in 1929. It showcases a close-up of leaves with strong contrasts and rich tonal ranges, characteristic of Strand’s work from that period. The image draws attention to the textures and patterns of the leaves, creating an almost abstract quality. The leaves are prominently aligned, with their edges and lines creating a dynamic composition, and the use of light accentuates the details of the foliage.

In this black and white photograph, the leaves are densely packed and overlap each other, forming a layered visual effect. The varying directions of the leaves create a sense of movement and depth. The interplay between light and shadow highlights the contours and veins, giving the organic forms a strong graphic presence. This photograph is an example of Strand’s exploration of the natural world through a modernist perspective, emphasizing form, line, and gradations of light.

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