Lathe No. 3, by Paul Strand

The photograph titled “Lathe No. 3” by Paul Strand depicts a close-up view of the intricate machinery of a lathe, an essential tool used in machining processes. The image appears to capture the lathe in action, highlighting its parts such as the chuck, tool post, and cutting tools with sharp contrasts and fine details that showcase the textures and industrial prowess of the equipment. It was taken at the Akeley Shop in New York.

The machinery captured in the image consists of numerous metal components, each playing a specific role in the lathe’s function. The bright metallic sheen of the working parts suggests movement and precision, reflecting the mechanical beauty and the industrial atmosphere of the era in which the photograph was taken. The composition emphasizes the strength and robustness of the industrial equipment through the interplay of light and shadow, drawing attention to the form and design of the mechanical structure. Strand’s photograph would be characteristic of the time’s fascination with industrialization and its celebration through art, showcasing the complexity and importance of machinery in the early 20th century.

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