Formerly Condemned Political Prisoners, by British, in Gallows Room by Arnold Newman

The “Formerly Condemned Political Prisoners, by British, in Gallows Room” is a photograph taken by Arnold Newman. The image captures a group of individuals who were once political prisoners, presumably associated with the Likud soldiers before the establishment of Israel. The depicted scene unfolds in a gallows room, where the ominous presence of a noose and trapdoor stands as a stark reminder of their past sentences.

In the photograph by Arnold Newman, we see a group of men dressed in red standing in a gloomy, austere room. A large noose hangs prominently from the ceiling, positioned above a trapdoor in the floor, hinting at the room’s grim purpose. The men are lined up facing the camera, their solemn expressions conveying the gravity of the space they occupy. The walls and ceiling appear to have a rough texture, and a sign with a message is partially visible in the background. There’s a palpable sense of history and somber reflection within the image.

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